Plans & Pricing

KONVERT TV is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, meaning it is made available to you at a monthly fee. Low monthly or annual billing enables you to plan and maximize your budget – while adding a new, powerful communications tool to your mix. 


Easy to deploy and manage for organizations, large and small.
$ 25 /mo Per Activation
KONVERT Plan Option

5GBs of Media Storage*

Unlimited Number of Channels

Unlimited Number of Users

Only Pay for Activations

White Label

Simply leverage your brand with your own customized and licensed app.
$ Contact KONVERT for Pricing Options /mo
KONVERT Plan Option

Deploy a white-labeled app

Discount pricing for high-volume deployments

Share media across multichannels

* Additional content storage available in increments of 5GBs @ $10/mo.

Minimum 12 month subscription. Monthly billing calculated by the total number of KONVERT TV App activations during a 30 day billing cycle. Cost does not include Apple TV.

Comparison Plans

White Label
5GBs of Media Storage

Per KONVERT TV plan. Storage size can be increased for a small fee.

Unlimited Media Storage

Contact KONVERT TV for pricing.

Unlimited Number of Channels

Individual channels with unique content.

Unlimited Number of Users

Provide access to channel editing for as many users as you like.

Unlimited Number of TV Screens

Activate as many TV screens as you like.

TV Screen Volume Discount

Contact KONVERT TV for details and pricing.

Shared Media Galleries

Access videos and pictures across multiple channels.

White-Labeled Apple TV App

Your brand appears in the Apple TV App Store.

White-Labeled CMS

Your brand appears throughout the content management system.

Custom Domain

Access your KONVERT TV content from a custom domain.


What equipment do I need for KONVERT TV?

All you need is a HDMI-compatible TV/monitor, a fourth-generation Apple TV and an internet connection.

How many channels will I need?

One channel plays the same content. If you’re trying to reach one audience, such as your client base, you only need one channel. Think of it as a television channel, such as CNN—everyone watching CNN sees the exact same content.

Where can I download the KONVERT TV App?

The KONVERT TV App is available from the Apple TV App Store.

Where do I access the KONVERT TV Content Management System (CMS)?

You can access your KONVERT TV CMS from any web-enabled device.

Can I upload images to my channel?

Yes! KONVERT TV accepts JPEG and PNG file formats.

What’s the difference between KONVERT TV and other display technologies?

KONVERT TV was built as a low-cost, rapid-deployment video display alternative and does not require proprietary equipment or special installation.

Can KONVERT TV work with our existing files?

Yes! KONVERT TV works with select image and video media files.

Is KONVERT TV a display ad network?

No. KONVERT TV does not serve or display ads to its subscribers.

I don’t have a lot of video or content to use for my channel. Can you help us with that?

Yes! Contact our marketing affiliate, Concentrek, and they can create as much content as you need.