Why You Should Add Video to Your Waiting Room

By Kent Sackman 30 October

You already have a captive audience in your waiting room, so why not market to them? An estimated 85% of people have reported waiting up to 30 minutes to be seen by their physician. And potential clients can become impatient if they aren’t seen right away. By creating a video marketing plan for your business’ waiting room, you are able to best promote yourself and educate customers who are already interested in your services—and who might be bored or anxiously waiting.

Utilizing the waiting room is a perfect opportunity to answer questions your clients may already have. In a study by the Institute for Social Research, about 62% of people used their cell phones to pass the time while waiting. Take control of the time and the message by utilizing video marketing software to create an engaging and informative video. By entertaining and providing education, you are also occupying idle time and minds, while keeping your name prominent. 

Best Practices for Creating a Branded Waiting Room Loop

A waiting room loop is an educational video showcasing your services and providing information your audience might find helpful or interesting. It can also highlight key aspects of your business, like new products or specials on specific services. The targeted marketing benefits will help with customer retention and garner interest in your business. 

It’s important to maintain your branding throughout the waiting room loop, including using your logo and the colors incorporated into other marketing materials. Your waiting room loop should complement your existing marketing materials—printouts, social media and website. Staying on brand not only conveys professionalism but also makes your company easily recognizable and a trusted resource. 

Health Care Marketing | Video Marketing

Knowing your brand’s tone and audience is important to maintaining a consistent marketing strategy, as well. Healthcare content should focus on educational materials, inspirational or motivational case studies to show your successful work and behind-the-scenes shots to give your marketing tactics a human touch. Just make sure that you stick to the HIPAA guidelines and get permission for any client information you want to share. Marketing for educational institutions should promote registration deadlines, on-campus events and student success stories. And retail businesses should focus on new products, upcoming sales and loyalty programs that will engage customers and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Taking Advantage of Video Marketing for Your Waiting Room 

Once you have a waiting room loop on display, it's important to take full advantage of it! Use your videos consistently to retain your current customer base by keeping them occupied and informed on what matters most to them and how it relates to your business.

The video loop provides the opportunity to advertise additional services directly to your existing customer. Since the customer is able to inquire about products or services highlighted in the loop just moments later, you are creating a quicker and easier way to start conversations and generate sales.

Remember to keep the volume of the waiting room loop set at a comfortable level. It should be audible throughout the room but not overwhelming. You could also offer print materials throughout the waiting room that coincide with your video content. By having supporting reading materials within reach, you will provide an even greater opportunity for customers to learn more about your business.

Getting Social with Your Waiting Room Loop

While video loops and content are created for in-office use, they can also be utilized on your website and through your social media accounts. By cross-marketing your video content, your visibility and reputability will increase as a trusted source in your field. 

Video Marketing Spend Growth

Video marketing is expected to encompass $22.18 billion by 2021, making it a digital marketing trend that your business should take advantage of. As YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, potential customers may see your video if they use it to search for information relating to your company and services. Use keywords in your video description to help support your business’s SEO efforts.

In addition to publishing on YouTube, try incorporating the video content onto your website landing pages. With 65% of your audience being visual learners, you will be better able to captivate and educate current and potential customers. And, having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%—a statistic that we like. 

Time to Get Started with Direct Video Marketing Software 

If you’re wondering where to get started, you’ve come to right place. KONVERT™ TV is a readily customizable direct video marketing software solution that empowers subscribers to upload and manage their own branded video, images and messaging for rapid deployment to a select network of viewers. As a subscriber, you can tailor everything on your video loop to fit your company’s needs and to engage your audience, with eye-catching video and additional panes for static images and a scrolling ticker for delivering bite-sized messaging. 

With KONVERT TV, you or our team of marketing specialists can create video or informative content that can be added to your KONVERT TV platform. With its user-friendly content management system (CMS), the content will be synced almost instantly with the existing content, with little or no backend work or updating required. No more outdated marketing materials or waiting on slow technology! KONVERT TV also features CMS integration, working seamlessly with other KONVERT platforms.

By reusing and cross-promoting your KONVERT TV video content, your message will be seen by a wider audience, reaching not only current customers in your waiting rooms but also potential customers. 

Waiting Room Marketing


Diversify your marketing mix and capitalize on the opportunity to engage your audience during their idle time. Your customized video loop will show your customers all that your business has to offer, leading them to use more of your services or giving them the information needed to provide recommendations to friends. Find out more about boosting your business economics by engaging your waiting room audience with KONVERT™ TV—contact us today!

About 62% of people used their cell phones to pass the time while waiting—take control of the time and the message by utilizing video marketing software.