Understanding the Benefits of Narrowcasting

By Todd Humphrey 20 November

Consider this: You want to promote your catering business, so how can you best market it? It will be cost-effective to market to people who are seeking a caterer, and you’ll also want to keep your advertising within a certain distance of your company. That’s where narrowcasting comes in, and it’s a highly effective medium for marketing directly to the people you want to reach. Narrowcasting allows you to customize your message to a specific audience in a specific area—and to people looking for a specific need. 

Narrowcasting | Marketing

Broadcasting vs. Narrowcasting

Be honest, when watching television, do you tune-out the commercials? This type of advertising is called broadcast marketing, as you’re marketing to a broad range of people. But, with an average of 14 minutes of commercials per every one hour of television broadcasted, how many people are actually reached? This is why broadcast marketing can be ineffective—and why many commercials leave you with little to no long-term impression. 

In contrast, narrowcasting allows you to advertise your brand to a niche group of people by limiting your audience based on things like geographical location, gender and age, providing a more effective marketing target. 

The Benefits of Narrowcasting

Not every business can tailor to everyone’s needs, so why not just reach those who will take advantage of what you’re offering? That is where narrowcasting is most effective. 

Reach the Right Crowd

Narrowcasting is audience-specific, as it is utilized to target the best demographical prospects. Say a company wants to showcase their advertisement for snow gear. With broadcasting, a commercial would be distributed nationwide with the goal of reaching as many people as possible, but narrowcasting allows for targeting people in a certain type of geographic location—in this case, where heavy snow is prominent. 


Marketing toward a specific audience can also be more cost-effective compared to broadcast placements. With narrowcasting, you are only reaching for leads you know you will see the greatest results from, helping save time and money.

Customize Your Personal Message

Narrowcasting allows you to customize your message for a specific group of people. You don’t have to be as vague with your ads because you are transmitting your message to people who may already have a connection to your brand or have an interest in your services. You can also include more details in your message that will be easily remembered as opposed to a generic call-to-action.

Video Content Retention | Narrowcasting

Narrowcasting Through Video

By 2019, it is estimated that 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video. With video marketing, you can provide your audience with a detailed, attention-grabbing visual that will be remembered. Considering that 80% of people stated they remembered a video’s content 30 days after viewing it, video marketing is becoming a popular—and highly effective—method of promoting your brand.

When developing your marketing plan around narrowcasting, you want your content to do the opposite of going viral. Instead, videos welcoming new prospects to your website, explaining your brand’s message or introducing your employees are great for those seeking your brand. And, with an increased use of social media, you can share your video content more easily for optimal reach to people who may already be following your brand or business.

Narrowcasting provides better methods to promote a business by showing informative or educational content to an engaged audience. Utilizing narrowcastingmeans it’s important to choose a platform that can meet your brand’s messaging and targeting needs, and software services like KONVERT™TV can help best promote your brand through visual video marketing.

Utilize KONVERT™ TV for Narrowcasting

KONVERT™ TV is a video marketing software platform that narrowcasts your message to the people you want to reach. With KONVERT TV, you can customize and control your message to be narrowcast through a network of Apple TVs, which can be stationed anywhere. Whether it’s used in your lobby, waiting area, school or trade show booth, KONVERT TV is a cost-effective, easy-to-use medium for providing your desired audience uninterrupted content on your brand.

At KONVERT TV, we believe in the power of narrowcasting. Let our expert marketing team create meaningful, customized content for you to reach your target market. Contact us today!

With an average of 14 minutes of commercials per every one hour of television broadcasted, how many people are actually reached?